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Centre Cinema is the local Dawson Creek Movie Theatre. It is a popular location because it’s the only movie theatre in Dawson Creek BC! It’s a great way to spend the day or evening on a date night, family night, or out with friends.

This blog discusses information about Center Cinema as well as showtimes, discount promotions, and good occasions to visit.

Centre Cinema Dawson Creek Movie Theatre Information

Center Cinema Dawson Creek Movie Theatre

The Dawson Creek Movie Theatre, Centre Cinema, is part of Landmark Cinemas Canada. The Landmark brand name ensures it offers high quality customer service and movie features. Although it only plays one movie at a time, once or twice a day, it is one of the most popular venues in Dawson Creek.

Located at 648-103rd Avenue, the movie theatre is in a convenient location for the public to access. It’s directly across the street from the Co-op Food Store. Also nearby are Hillcrest Park, the Dawson Creek Art Gallery, and South Peace Historical Society.

The Dawson Creek Movie Theatre has both regular format films and films in 3D. In addition, they offer a food concession with popcorn, drinks, and candy. Center Cinema Movie showtimes are usually in the 12 o’clock, 3 o’clock, 6 o’clock, 7 o’clock, and 9 o’clock hours, with no showings before noon.

The cinema offers movie ticket deals quite often. You can keep up to date with them by following their Facebook Page or checking out their Group Sales Promotions online.

Examples of some of the discount offers they promote include:

Examples of Landmark promotions are:

  • Specific movie releases like #WeAreAllConnected: enter for a chance to win 2 flights anywhere WestJet flies
  • Loyalty Card Members: 10 tickets + 10% off 10 purchases at the food concession for $84.99
  • #Buy30Get30: $30 in Landmark movie gift cards gets you $30 in other coupons
  • Movie Lover Contest: enter to win unlimited movie tickets for 1 year
  • Tell Us About Us: Take the Landmark survey for your chance to win a $100 gift card in a monthly draw

Date Night

Centre Cinema Dawson Creek Movie Theatre

The theatre is always a great place to have a date night! Whether it’s your longtime love or your first date, Center Cinema will not disappoint. The theatre is also a great spot for double dates as well.

The Dawson Creek Movie Theatre has a weekly discount deal that are great for any date night:

There are also lots of restaurants near to the theatre, creating the perfect atmosphere for dinner and a movie. Boston Pizza, Mr. Mikes Steakhouse, White Spot, and George Dawson Restaurant are all within a 5 minute drive.

The cinema offers a mixture of popular and new Hollywood films. Genres include action, romance, comedy, and sci-fi. However, since there is only one film playing at a time, it can be weeks  before a new film is showing. This adds suspense, making the date night experience something special that can’t be done all the time.

Check out films offered by Landmark Cinemas or check out the Dawson Creek Movie Theatre showtimes specifically.

Family Night

Center Cinema Dawson Creek Movie Theatre

Center Cinema is a great place to bring the family or just a few kids for a fun night out. The movie theatre experience can be so exciting for children, especially if you opt for a 3D film.

The Dawson Creek Theatre hosts lots of family nights. In addition they also see lots of kids Birthday parties, school trips, and group events. The cinema offers great Party Packages that has special discount promotions.

Centre Cinema frequently offers family deals such as:

  • #MonsterTruck: 1 child ticket* + 1 general ticket = 1 Free Kids Snack Pack (popcorn, pop, and candy)
  • Kid’s Day: 1 child ticket* + 1 snack pack + 1 drink + 1 candy = $12.49
  • Seniors Day: 20% off tickets and snacks for seniors aged 65+ on Mondays only 

There are also family friendly restaurants close to the theatre if you want to turn family night into dinner and a movie. Recommended family restaurants, within 5 minutes of the Dawson Creek Movie Theatre, include KFC, Pizza Hut, Subway, and McDonald’s.

Since only one film is played over the duration of a few weeks, the children wont get bored of going anytime soon. It’s a great entertainment venue for any family outing.

*Child Tickets are for ages 12 and younger

With Friends

Center Cinema Dawson Creek Movie Theatre

It’s pretty well known that any movie theatre is a great place to go with friends for a fun night out. However, in Dawson Creek, the movie theatre is one of the best places in the city to go with friends or coworkers. Granted there aren’t many other options…

The theatre is a great venue for private, group, or corporate events. Friends frequently plan movie nights and birthday parties, usually for the evening showtimes. Check out the sections above for discount deals offered, or check out the theatres Facebook Page for current promotions on now.

Centre Cinema frequently offers discount deals such as:

In addition you can check out their Contests and Promotions pages to see up-to-date offers they’re currently offering.

If you’re looking for other fun entertainment venues to take friends in Dawson Creek, the Dawson Creek Golf Club is another good choice. It is a volunteer based, disc golf facility. In addition, Escana Events Centre features live concert performances, various expo’s, shows, and tours. There are lots of fun events taking place, multiple days of the month.

For another option of places to bring friends, check out Kin Park, Barbaree Park, or Chamberlain Heritage Nature Park. They are all beautiful nature parks with various trails and views and they can all be visited at no cost.

Get out of the house and visit Centre Cinema, the Dawson Creek Movie Theatre today!