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What Dawson Creek Real Estate Offers

Dawson Creek is a cozy place where people can enjoy a small town hospitality with convinces of the city life. Its facilities, stores and mix of nature with industrial growth make it the perfect modern day small town. It is because these reasons that Dawson Creek real estate could be alluring to some people.

When considering Dawslin Creek as a potential place to live or visit it is important to highlight what the place offers.

Local Attractions:

Dawson Creek offers many indoor and outdoor activities which include the following:

Provincial Parks:

Swan Lake Provincial Park

  • 35km southeast of Dawson Creek on Highway 2 towards the Alberta border
  • 42 vehicle accessible campsites, a boat launch and a dock.
  • Archaeological digs near here have uncovered various artifacts.

One Island Lake Provincial Park

  • Noted for its trout fishing
  • An hour from Dawson

Kiskatinaw Provincial Park

  • Tucked below the historic curved wooden bridge over the Kiskatinaw River
  • 28 vehicle accessible campsites and provides a lovely stop-over between Dawson Creek and Fort St. John on a section of the original Alaska Highway that has since been by-passed


Swan Lake provides a wide array of fish to catch which include rainbow trout, northern pike, walleye and more.

Skiing and Snowboarding:

Bear Mountain:

Bear Mountain Dawson Creek Real Estate

  • Includes 11 beginner and intermediate runs
  • Suited for skiers and snowboarders that want to warm up for the season
  • Cross-Country Skiing Nordic Ski Trails that allow for wild life viewing

Museums and Historic sites:

Visiting these places gives you a great historical context to the importance of the Alaskan Highway.

Alaska Highway Dawson Creek Real Estate

  • Mile 0 Post
  • Dawson Creek Art Gallery
  • Alaska Highway House

All of these are local, easy to access and provide a wide range of activities for people to enjoy year round.

Friendly People, Friendly Environment

The town is genuinely filled with nice people. Since it is a small town, everyone is really friendly with each other and to outsiders. The place is relaxing and laid back. The community really comes together during events. There is a sense of pride when living so close to nature. Change is slow, but over time you learn to enjoy the pace. Like all places, it takes some getting used to. Anyone who has never lived in a small town could learn and experience a lot from living in Dawson Creek for a little while.

Current Situation

Weather you are considering to move for work, visit for travel, or seriously considering Dawson Creek real estate, there is a bit of everything for everyone. The current economic situation may have slowed down but future projects in oil and gas could become a reality. Like virtually every small town, Dawson Creek does have some illicit behavior at night, which is to be expected. As a whole, the people are nice and breath taking nature is parked in peoples back yards. People can experience small town closeness buts till feel connected to the outside world.