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Dawson Creek Driving Routes

Dawson Creek Driving Routes

There are a few different ways of driving to Dawson Creek, BC. The best Dawson Creek driving route will depend on the direction you are coming from.

Below are a few of the biggest and best highways to Dawson Creek.

Highway 97

Highway 97 is the most common driving route to Dawson Creek.

If you are driving north-east, from the lower mainland or the United States, take Highway 1 until it connects to Highway 97, just west of Kamloops. Highway 97 will then take you all the way into Dawson Creek

If you are travelling north-east, from Prince Rupert or western BC, start by taking Highway 16, which later connects to Highway 97 in Prince George.

If you are travelling south, from the Yukon Territories or Northwest Territories, you will also take Highway 97. It stretches all the way from the Yukon and it also connects to Highway 77 (towards NWT).

Alaska Highway

If you are travelling south, from Alaska or west Yukon, the fastest driving route to Dawson Creek is via the Alaska Highway.

Highway 2

If you are driving north-west, from Alberta via Highway 43, take the Highway 2 connection to Dawson Creek. Highway 2 also connects to Highway 52, for travellers driving north-east across BC.

Highway 49

If you are driving south-west, from Alberta, take Highway 49 directly to Dawson Creek.