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Above is a map of Dawson Creek, British Columbia.

Zoom in on the map and use the directions option to find exactly where you want to go in Dawson Creek.

Additionally you can click on the icon at the bottom left of the map to get a satellite view of the city. This is helpful for looking for landmarks or familiarizing yourself with a particular location.


You can reach Dawson Creek by airplane, bus or by car.

If you decide to go by bus or by car you may also get to experience some of the incredible driving routes and scenery through the Northern British Columbia region.

If you plan on driving you can experience the world-famous Alaska Highway.

There are 4 main driving routes into the city of Dawson Creek in order to make sure you get the most direct path to the city.

The nearest major city is Edmonton which is in the neighboring province of Alberta and is located 591 km southeast of Dawson Creek.

If you plan to come from Edmonton there are two main highways that enter Dawson Creek from Alberta which are Highway 49 from Spirit River in the northeast and Highway 2 from Grande Prairie in the southeast.

The distance from Spirit River is 96 km and from Grande Prairie it is 133 km.

The two main highways you can use to enter Dawson Creek from British Columbia are:

  • Highway 97 (Alaska Highway) – via from the North from Fort St. John
  • Highway 97 (Hart Highway) – via Prince George entering Dawson Creek from the West

The distance from Fort St. John is 73 km and 406 km from Prince George.

It is important to note that driving conditions during the winter can be very dangerous and therefore you should have the proper preparation done to your car and gear packed before you make the trip.

This includes snow tires with good treads, safety equipment, such as blankets, flares and food supplies.

If you do not have a car there is always the option of renting a vehicle fromĀ a number of authorized rental dealers in most major cities in British Columbia and Alberta.

Bus Travel

If you are looking to travel by bus Greyhound buses have daily departures and arrivals from various Northeastern cities including Edmonton, Prince George, and Fort St. John.

Additionally there should be buses from other major cities such as Vancouver and Calgary which connect via the cities in Northeastern BC.

Air Travel

If you want to get to Dawson Creek via airplane you can land at Dawson Creek’s airport which is just a few short minutes drive south from downtown on Highway 2.

Some of the major city centers that fly to Dawson Creek include:

  • Fort St. John
  • Vancouver
  • Calgary
  • Prince George
  • Grande Prairie
  • Edmonton
  • Other major city centers

Central Mountain Air provides flights to Dawson Creek.

Getting Around In The City

While one option is to walk through the city to see the sights it may be difficult to get to some of the farther away attractions.

Therefore you can use one of the two taxi companies that operate in the town or try using the public bus transportation.

For more information on getting around in the city you can ask the Dawson Creek Visitor Centre for help.

Sights such as McQueen’s Slough and Kiskatinaw Bridge will require a vehicle to get to.